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Organize my cables - Cable Sox - cable organizer

Organize your Cables
Cable Sox cable organizer
Invented by: Crafts by Jane

Cable Sox
Color: Black only
Sizes Available: 18 inches or 30 inches
Made of Fire Retardant material

Note: Not to be used to encase power strips, power adapters, or any cords /devices /adapters that can generate sparks and/or heat

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Item#: CSOX-01

18 Inch Cable Sox
Price: $8.00

Item#: CSOX-02

30 Inch Cable Sox
Price: $15.00


Don't like looking at messy cables
Accidentally kicking those messy cables
Hard to keep the area around those messy cables clean


Cable Sox
Looks nice
Easy to install
Helps keep those messy cables neat and organized

Are you tired of looking at and kicking those messy cables?
Cable Sox is your answer.

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