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  Mohawk Hats

  Coffee Cozies
    - Black
    - Dark Blue
    - Light Blue
    - Purple/Green
    - Orange

  Bottle Cozies
    - Green/White
    - Blue/Gold
    - White/Black
    - Black/White
    - Yellow/Gr
    - 3 shades Gr
    - Blue/Multi
    - Blue/White
    - Tur/Blue
    - Blue/Tur

  Can Cozies
    - Black/White
    - Multi Blue
    - Orge/Mult Cl
    - Br/Tan/Gr
    - Multi Color
    - Bl/Clos Bot
    - Bl/Open Bot

  Toy Snakes
    - Lgt Multi Cl

  Toys to Go
    - Blue

  Cable Soxs
    - Cable Sox

  Weight Loss
    - Book
    - Audio

Downloadable Audios(mp3) -  Don't Diet!   Just Think And Get Thin
Will Help You Develop the Thin Person Mindset You Need to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever

Lose weight fast without dieting - Dont Diet! Just Think

Downloadable Audios

Item#: DDJT-02

Lose weight without dieting - Dont Diet! Just Think and Get Thin

Only $40.00

  • How to identify and eliminate self denial...

  • How to get yourself motivated...

  • How to take control of your daily choices...

  • How to overcome the obstacles keeping you overweight...

  • and much more...

  • All without dieting...
  • MP3s will be available for download via the download service YouSendIt within 24 hours of purchase.

  • These audios are based on the book. However, they are not the reading of the book.

What's Your Health Worth?

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  Chair Booties
    -Tan / Speckled

  Dust Covers

  Head Bands

    -Deep Sea

  Wine Bottle Cozies

  American Doll Clothes
    -Off White

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